1. To promote and support social studies education in Maryland and the United States.
  2. To build a community of social studies educators in the state of Maryland.
  3. To advance cultural understanding through social studies instruction that teaches respect for human differences and an appreciation of diversity.
  4. To provide high quality professional development and instructional resources for Maryland social studies teachers.
  5. To recognize excellent social studies teachers and programs at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.
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President: Amanda Roberts

Amanda has 6 years of teaching experience in US Government and AP Psychology with the Harford County Public Schools . She has been a member of MDCSS Board of Directors since 2010. Her goal for MDCSS is to help social studies remain an important part of our schools and critical in the eyes of our politicians.  To contact Amanda, email her at

President-Elect:  Dani Biancolli

Dani is currently the Elementary Social Studies Coordinator for Baltimore County Public Schools. She has 11 years of experience in the field of education, 9 of which have been in the Washington County Public Schools. She has served on the MDCSS board of directors for 2 years. Dani is the Council’s lead contact for vendors and exhibitors for the MDCSS annual conference. To contact Dani, email her at

Treasurer: Wendy Kanter

Secretary: Jermaine Ellerbe

Jermaine is an assistant professor at Coppin State University where he teaches Social Studies Methods Courses and supervises elementary student teachers. He has been an educator for 15 years and is also a member of the National Council for the Social Studies. Jermaine’s goal is to share pedagogical strategies through professional development for pre-service and new teachers.  To contact Jermaine, email him at

Membership Secretary:  Beckie Bowen

Communications Coordinator: Ryan Kaiser

Member-at-Large: Fern Wolt

Fern is a citizen advocate for social studies who believes it’s not only important to voice concerns, but to get involved and act upon them as well.  As a parent, concerned citizen and a small business owner, Fern is worried about the disintegration of civic literacy and social studies/history education in Maryland and the country.  She asks, “without studying our past how can we prevent the same mistakes and without the knowledge of our government how can we maintain our freedoms?”  Fern has been involved in many civic and community organizations, such as MSSAC, PTSA, PIRG, North Potomac Civic Association, BSA and the Gaithersburg Book Festival.  She is a graduate of The George Washington University and has been an MDCSS board  member for two years. Fern hopes to continue promoting and supporting Social Studies and Civic education in Maryland.  To contact Fern, email her at

Member-at-Large: Tina Nelson

Tina is a middle school assistant principal in Baltimore County Public Schools. Prior to school administration, she was involved in the elementary and secondary social studies offices of the county.  She has been in education for 15 years, and involved in leadership of MDCSS since 2007. Tina’s goal for MDCSS is to continue to provide social studies educators with access to information about professional development and advocacy.  To contact Tina, email her at

Member-at-Large: Kimberly Eggborn

Kim is the Coordinator of Elementary Social Studies for the Howard County Public School System. She has 12 years of experience in the field of education. She began her teaching career as a fifth grade teacher and it is there that she developed a passion for Social Studies.  She was determined to make Social Studies more enjoyable for both her students and herself.  She has been a member of the Maryland Council for Social Studies for 12 years. For the past two years, Kim has served as an advisor on the MDCSS board of directors. To contact Kim, email her at

Member-at-Large: Robert Rook

Member-at-Large: Laura Pinto

Past-President: Scott McComb

Scott is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction in Calvert County, Maryland.  He has over 25 years of experience in education and has been a member of the MDCSS Board of Directors since 2005.  Scott’s goal for the Council is provide a clearing house of social studies related information for educators, high quality professional development opportunities and much needed advocacy.  To contact Scott, email him at

Advisory Committee Liaison: RaeLynne Snyder

MSDE Liaison:  Graham Long

Administrative Assistant: