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US Census Bureau Webinar
September 21, 2013
US Census Bureau
September 11, 2013

You are invited to join the U.S. Census Bureau Philadelphia Regional Office this month for a webinar designed to help you understand and access Census Bureau statistics. During the 3-hour Saturday, September 21 webinar: “Watch Your Community Change, Watch Your Students Grow: A Guide to Accessing Census Bureau Statistics,” you will learn about the primary programs that collect household and housing data about our nation, including the American Community Survey, which provides detailed demographic and socioeconomic statistics every year. You will also learn how to access data from these programs through American FactFinder, the primary Census Bureau data-access tool. The webinar will feature demonstrations of the census.gov website, followed by hands-on exercises so that you can ensure you are able to get the data you need. To register, go to: https://census.webex.com and click on monthly meetings and go to September 21.